Textile and plastic material recycling and textile waste recovery and processing.

Pistoni srl is based in Castel Goffredo (international hosiery center) in the province of Mantua.

Thanks to the presence of numerous textile activities, our company has been able to valorize industrial waste from hosiery factories, weaving mills and workshops.



Inside our company, the processing stage is preceded by a careful selection of the materials in order to guarantee a final product (or MPS, secondary raw material) of excellent quality, ideal to be used in the processing of melting, spinning, garneting, rag grinding and pressing. The textile materials are baled with a hydraulic press and the plastic materials are ground with a granulator.


Our values

We guarantee all our suppliers and customers to work in full compliance with all the rules that bind the work of recoverers of non-hazardous special waste.

Ethical sustainability

In the field of recovery, every industrial waste is seen as an opportunity to give new life to what would otherwise have remained waste.

Customer care

A satisfied customer is the best way to carry on a long-lasting collaboration over time. Which is why we aim to provide a professional and immediate service to our customers and suppliers.

Timing efficiency

On the market it is essential to be able to give a clear and safe timing regarding processing, collections and deliveries. For this reason, we strive every day to guarantee a serious and effective service.

Quality of materials

Our employees are well trained on the quality of materials, in order to best recognize and select a competitive product.


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