Textile waste recycling

Textile waste recycling

When we speak about recycling, it is good to consider that there are different types of materials that can have a second life. The Pistoni company of Castel Goffredo deals with textile waste recycling, considering industrial waste as a resource to be used again in further processing. Following collection of waste, the company uses the fibres collected in the production of Materia Prima Secondaria, carrying out an important textile waste recycling business.


How is textile waste recycling done? 

Textile waste is a type of non-hazardous waste that can be reused in production processes after the first processing. To offer a ready-to-use product, Pistoni carries out several steps of textile waste recycling:

  • Firstly, deals with textile waste collection;
  • Then performs a cleaning phase of the waste;
  • Select and divide materials into natural or synthetic textile fibres;
  • Finally, packs the waste that is stored in the warehouse for sale.


Why recycle textile waste? 

Industrial textile processing generates a large amount of waste that can be re-used to create new yarns in the interests of environmental sustainability. In Italy, still a few companies support a sustainable textile waste recycling business, which will help to recover most of the waste produced by industries such as stockings, textile and spinning workshops. Pistoni creates customized contracts with its customers to meet their particular needs, reducing waste disposal costs and incentivizing recycled fibre. These become quality Materia Prima Secondaria with which to create new yarns to be transformed into fabrics.


Are you looking for information about textile waste recycling? 

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