Waste recycling

Waste recycling

If you are interested in environmental sustainability and waste recycling, you need to know that there are different types of waste to be recycled. In Castel Goffredo you can find the company Pistoni, which has been involved in waste recycling for more than thirty years. The company considers industrial waste as a resource to be used again in later processing and, in addition to dealing with waste withdrawal, uses fibres and waste materials to produce Materia Prima Secondaria. Pistoni carries out an important waste recycling business of different materials.


Recycling of what kind of waste?

Waste are reusable scrap of production resulting from the processing of a main product. Pistoni deals with the withdrawing and waste recycling of textile and plastic materials from companies and industries of all sizes. Waste, classified as special non-hazardous waste, to be recycled in subsequent operations are withdrawn and processed in compliance with all the standards. To meet all customer requests Pistons performs:



Why waste recycling?

It is very important to consider that a large amount of waste is left over from industrial processing. If you agree with the environmental sustainability you can recycle and reuse them. In Italy, there are still few companies supporting a sustainable waste recycling business. To help this business and stimulating recycling, Pistoni creates custom waste withdrawal contracts to meet the particular needs of customers. Withdrawn waste are transformed into Materia Prima Secondaria that can be used for new productions.


More information about waste recycling?

If you are interested in receiving more information about waste recycling please contact us by filling out the form in the contacts section. We are at your disposal to answer your requests.