Polyester waste recycling

Polyester waste recycling

Don’t you know what to do with polyester waste from industrial processing? Don’t worry, the company Pistoni is available to carry out polyester waste recycling after the operation of withdrawal. For more than thirty years it has been working on the collection and treatment of textile waste of various materials from yarns and fabrics industries, but also from textile and stocking factories. The polyester waste recycling business is carried out at Castel Goffredo's headquarters but Pistoni offers a collection service all over the country and abroad.


Polyester waste recycling to get what products?

The company Pistoni deals with the first stage of polyester waste recycling for MPS items. With its own means, it withdraws the waste at the client company and pack the bales of Materia Prima Secondaria to be destined for companies that produce objects with recycled polyester. Polyester textile waste is a type of non-hazardous waste that can be reused in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Recycling polyester waste for recycled nylon yarns
  • Recycling polyester waste for objects such as bottles, lamps, tubes
  • Recycling polyester waste for garments


Importance of polyester waste recycling

With the withdrawal of polyester waste, it is possible to obtain a polyester yarn from recycled PET, a product with characteristics similar to those of the first-processing polyester which allows to reduce the energy consumption in the production of new items. Polyester waste sustainable recycling activity not only reduces energy consumption and avoids dispersion in the environment of plastic waste, but allows to reduce costs for subsequent productions and get high quality products.


Are you looking for information about polyester waste recycling?

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