Recycling wool

Recycling wool

Among the main processes of Pistoni Srl, a prominent place is occupied by the recycling of wool. The textile wool waste recovery, derived from the processing of companies such as hosiery, weaving, laboratories and factories, is carried out accurately and professionally by the company. Pistoni can in fact count on over 30 years of experience in the field of recovery and reuse of both textile and plastic materials.


Why recycle wool?

Pistoni Srl is based in Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantua, one of the most active areas of Italy in textile production and wool processing. Each company, though, also produces processing waste to make the finished product. The wool that is discarded from processing, if not recovered, must be disposed of and eliminated. This naturally leads to a waste in terms of material and environmental sustainability.


Recycling the woollen textile waste allows to recover part of the waste that should be lost anyway, starting a virtuous circle, obtaining secondary raw materials that can be used again for many uses.


What service does Pistoni Srl offer?

Pistoni Srl takes care of the collection at the company, by its own means, of waste derived from the processing of textile materials such as wool. Immediately after the withdrawal the careful selection and subdivision process of the material collected is made based on the type. After which the waste is packaged with a hydraulic press and transformed into secondary raw material, ready to be stored and sold.


The secondary raw material that is obtained is therefore of the best quality, ideal to be reused without waste and with really advantageous costs. It is a material guaranteed and ensured by the work processes carried out by the expert and prepared team of Pistoni Srl, which personally takes care of all the stages of recovery and processing.


Further information on wool recycling

If you need clarification on the wool recycling service offered by Pistoni Srl, do not hesitate to send us your doubts and your questions by filling out the form in the contact section. An experienced member of our staff will be happy to respond quickly as completely as possible.