Polycarbonate recycling

Polycarbonate recycling

For over thirty years, Pistoni Srl is a company specializing in the collection and recycling of polycarbonate. Based in Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantua, the company is located in the heart of one of Italy's most famous textile districts. We assist textile companies, hosiery and laboratories in the disposal and recycling of industrial production waste. Thanks to the professionalism of our services and the experience of our team, over the years we have succeeded in expanding our business even outside of Italy.


Why recycling polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate (PC) is a plastic material commonly used within the textile industry; it is in fact a thermoplastic polymer obtained from carbonic acid, used in many different sectors. The companies that employ it naturally also produce a certain amount of processing waste. These scraps are classified as "not dangerous" but, being plastic in any case, they are equally polluting. They must therefore be disposed of properly, in full compliance with current regulations. Pistoni Srl takes care of the collection of waste at the client company and then proceeds to the recycling phase which will transform the residues into a secondary raw material of excellent quality.


The advantages of the recycling service

Pistoni Srl is able to offer its customers a high quality, reliable and timely polycarbonate recycling service. The company can in fact count on over thirty years of experience in the sector, on a qualified team and on a large fleet of trucks that greatly facilitates the logistic aspect of the recycling process. The service offered is studied in every detail to offer numerous advantages, such as:

  • The comfort and security offered by the collection at the company headquarters;
  • Waiting times reduced to a minimum;
  • Possibility of recovering and recycling even large quantities of material;
  • Processes and processes are carried out in compliance with safety regulations and current legislation.


More information on the recycle service

If you need further clarification on the polycarbonate recycling service by Pistoni Srl, do not hesitate to contact us, sending us your questions and your doubts using the form in the contact section. An experienced member of our staff will take care to reply as soon as possible.