PVC recycling

PVC recycling

Pistoni Srl is a company that deals with the collection and recycling of PVC. This material is used for a wide variety of industrial purposes, in many sectors, from textiles to food to electronic applications. The company offers a collection service for production waste in all companies that use this material.


Who can use the recycling service?

PVC - or polyvinylchloride - is a polymer derived from vinyl chloride, considered stable and particularly safe, especially at room temperature. Used in many different industrial sectors, Pistoni Srl has accumulated considerable experience in recycling this material in the textile sector. The company’s headquarters is located in Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantua, in one of the main textile districts of Italy. The company can therefore provide for the collection of waste material by its own means, then proceeding to the selection, grinding and storage in special containers, ready for sale. Among the many companies that can count on the Pistoni service we find:

  • Private companies
  • Companies and public bodies
  • Textile, hosiery, artisan laboratories
  • Companies of any sector that produce PVC waste


Why choosing Pistoni for PVC recycling

The company's objective is to offer the client company the best possible service, complete at every stage of the process. This is why PVC recycling is taken care of from start to finish, from collection at the customer site to transport and processing. Thanks to the professionals that make up the staff of Pistoni Srl, in fact, it is possible to count on several advantages:

  • Collection at the customer's corporate headquarters
  • Extremely reduced waiting and processing times
  • The convenience of the large fleet of trucks to shorten and facilitate logistics
  • The possibility of recovering and processing even large quantities of industrial waste
  • Compliance with safety regulations in the workplace and in the treatment of non-hazardous waste materials.


Do you need more information?

If you need more information on the PVC recycling service, do not hesitate to send us all your questions and requests through the form in the contact section. An experienced member of our staff will be happy to respond promptly and as soon as possible.