Waste from weaving collection

Waste from weaving collection

If you do not know what to do with waste from weaving, turn to Pistoni, an important Italian company that carries out a waste from weaving collection service on the national territory. The company, based in Castel Goffredo's International Socks Centre, has acquired experience and expertise in the field of textile waste recycling, and has been expanding in recent years by consolidating commercial relations with the foreign market as well.


Where and how does waste from weaving collection take place? 

  • How? With own means of the Pistoni company
  • Where? At the customer company that required the pick-up service


The waste from weaving collection with own means service at the customer's company has been designed in every step to minimize the efforts of those who demand the collection of waste. In this way, after evaluating the type of textile waste, the Pistoni company takes care of all the recycle phases after the waste from weaving collection, starting with the cleaning of the waste, selecting and then packing with a hydraulic press to form Materia Prima Secondaria bales to be stocked in stock, ready to be sold.


Why does Pistoni handle the waste from weaving collection? 

With a view to environmental sustainability and waste reduction, the Pistoni company has developed more and more the waste from weaving recycling services to recycle waste that are formed during the machining process. In this way, textile industries that produce waste in different quantities need not worry about disposal costs and have the opportunity to contact a company specialized in waste collection. The waste collection service support an important recycling activity even in those companies that do not themselves deal with it.


Would you like more information about waste from weaving collection? 

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