Withdrawal of plastic for recycling

Withdrawal of plastic for recycling

Pistoni Srl is a company based in Castel Goffredo and has been involved in the withdrawal of plastic for reciclyng for many years. The experience gained in the course of its history and its dynamism have allowed it to establish partnerships beyond national borders and thus extend its business.


What types of plastic materials are withdrawn?

With the aim of fully satisfying the various needs of its customers, Pistoni Srl can withdrawal a wide range of plastic materials for recycling, thanks to machinery with specific characteristics for each type of processing. In particular, by relying on the company you will be able to obtain a service related to the disposal of:


Why rely on the company withdrawal service?

Choosing Pistoni Srl you can rely on a highly specialized partner, who is able to offer a functional withdrawal service for plastic materials. In fact, within the company, operators with specific skills work, who are profoundly aware of the sector of reference and are constantly committed to offer the following advantages:


  • Collection at customer sites
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Compliance with safety regulations
  • Recovery of large volumes


How to get more information?

To find out more about the withdrawal of plastic for recycling, you need just to access the contact section and use the form that you will find inside. The company staff will answer all your questions in an exhaustive and quick way.