Polystyrene scrap pickup

Polystyrene scrap pickup

Polystyrene recycling steps

Polystyrene is a strong, lightweight plastic commonly used for food packaging and insulation. It is also known as polystyrene, which is a brand name owned by Dow Chemical.

Polystyrene recycling works like this: first, the polystyrene is sorted by color. Then it is shredded into small pieces and melted at high temperatures in a process called thermal degradation. The resulting liquid is then filtered through several processes to remove impurities and then dried. Finally, it is reformed into pellets called "regrind."

When the polystyrene is recycled, it is broken down into small pieces and melted. Then, the material undergoes a process called extrusion in which it is reformed into a new shape.

The polystyrene take-back service of Pistoni Srl.

Pistoni srl is a company that specializes in collecting polystyrene waste, making it easier for people to properly dispose of this material. This article will explain why it is important to recycle Styrofoam and how Pistoni srl can help in this process.

Pistoni srl is a company that provides textile and plastic waste collection and recycling services to its customers. The company has developed a system that allows customers to easily dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly way. This service is designed to help reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and oceans.

In addition to the collection service, Pistoni srl also offers other services such as recycling and reuse of collected materials. With these services, Pistoni srl helps its customers reduce their environmental impact. Pistoni srl not only collects polystyrene waste but also handles other waste such as

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If you are a company that uses polystyrene, you know how important it is to be environmentally conscious. That's why Pistoni srl. offers polystyrene take-back services. To find out more about the services provided, don't hesitate to contact us!