Withdrawal of PVC waste

Withdrawal of PVC waste

Based in Castel Goffredo, a municipality in the province of Mantua, Pistoni Srl is a company that deals with the withdrawal of PVC waste, also called polyvinylchloride. Throughout its history, the company has been able to constantly renew itself and, precisely for this reason, extend its business beyond national borders.


For which companies is the service available?

In recent years there has been a considerable increase in the production of PVC waste, due to the ever-increasing use of this material in various industrial fields, as it is able to guarantee excellent properties. In order to satisfy the growing need for disposal, Pistoni Srl can offer the withdrawal of polyvinylchloride waste to different types of companies such as, for example, the following ones:


  • Private enterprises
  • Public enterprises


Why rely on the company recovery service?

The company is able to offer an excellent service for withdrawal of PVC waste, thanks to the large fleet of trucks available and the great experience of its staff in the reference sector. The professionals who make up the Pistoni Srl team, in fact, are constantly striving to improve their skills and offer numerous advantages to their customers, such as those concerning, for example, the following aspects:


  • Withdrawal at company offices
  • Minimum waiting times
  • Recovery of high quantities
  • Compliance with safety regulations


How to obtain more information?

If you need to get more information about withdrawal of PVC waste, you can access the contact section and fill out the form that you will find on the page. In this way, you will receive all the information you need as soon as possible.