Textile waste disposal

Textile waste disposal

With the aim of recycling textile waste, Pistoni deals with the disposal of textile waste and scraps from the yarn and fabric industry. Thirty years of experience in the recycling sector has allowed the company to specialize more and more, with a view to corporate sustainability, in the collection and transformation of waste into quality secondary raw materials. This solution is now increasingly requested and necessary, because it contributes to making the life cycle of fabrics more sustainable and circular.


What types of fabrics does Pistoni dispose of?

Not all textile waste can be disposed of and then used for the creation of MPS. For this, Pistoni evaluates whether the various types of weaving waste that a company has generated can be collected and processed, and therefore properly disposed of. The company is dedicated in particular to:


  • Weaving waste of natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, viscose;
  • Weaving waste of synthetic fibers, such as nylon, polyester, or acrylic.


Textile waste obtained from natural or synthetic fibers is stored in Pistoni warehouses and is immediately available for sale in the form of bales.


How is the waste disposed of, or reused?

Pistoni Srl deals with offering various services for the disposal of textile waste, such as:


  • pressing of textile waste
  • yarn cutting on spools
  • granulation of plastic materials
  • waste paper recycling
  • transformation of waste into secondary raw material.


Thanks to the Secondary Raw Material sold by Pistoni, which makes it possible to reuse the weaving waste for yarns, new second-rate fabrics can be created, reducing costs, avoiding waste and improving the environmental impact of textile processing. The disposal of waste involves high costs and, above all for the reasons mentioned above, it is possible to request collection estimates from companies that deal with recycling, ensuring that textile waste does not become unusable but is transformed into new objects.


Are you looking for more information? 

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