Recovery of waste plastic hosiery

Recovery of waste plastic hosiery

The recovery of waste plastic from hosiery is one of the activity daily carried out by Pistoni Srl; the company set in northern Italy, an area known worldwide for the presence of a textile district, and works with the Italian textile market and the foreign market.

Secondary Raw Material (MPS) from plastic waste

Have you ever wondered how much waste material produces a hosiery? Consider for example the plastic waste: the staff of Pistoni Srl, by its own transport, recover this waste plastic for recycling at the hosiery and revalue it in his warehouse, in order to produce excellent secondary raw material (MPS).

The waste plastic recovered are subjected to a thorough cleaning step manual then divided by type. Stored in the box, the plastic collected and processed is then ready to be ground with a granulator, after being thoroughly analyzed by a metal detector that allows to guarantee the complete absence of metal parts. What is achieved with this type of treatment is a recycled plastic product that is catalogued under the name of MPS (secondary raw material) and is stored in "Big Bag" ready for sale.

But what are the main types of plastic waste that can be recovered from the hosiery? Packaging polystyrene (PS), cones or flakes of polypropylene (PP) bags, envelopes or packaging in polyethylene (PE), and much more. The company Pistoni S.r.l. deals with the recovery of all of these types of waste plastic at the hosiery to allow the collected plastics to live a new life as secondary raw materials for industrial use.

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