Recovery of waste textile hosiery

Recovery of waste textile hosiery

In the textile district near Mantua, in northern Italy, Pistoni Srl company is responsible for more than 30 years of recovery of industrial waste textile hosiery manufacturers in the area, in order to ensure a quality product for the market of melt, spinning, fraying and molding.

The result of the processing of materials made by Pistoni Srl is a secondary raw material of excellent workmanship, packed with a hydraulic press and stored in the warehouse, ready for sale.

According to the type of waste material recovered from hosiery will be machined natural fibers and synthetic fibers, with different processes and processing methods. In the case of natural fibers, textile waste recovered from the hosiery concern especially wool, cotton and viscose. In the case of synthetic fibers, waste recovered from the textile hosiery concern mostly nylon polyamide, polyester, acrylic and elastomer.

The company Pistoni Srl, thanks to thirty years of experience in the field of restoration and enhancement of textile waste has specialized over the years both in the context of natural fibers, still present in the sock market, and in the context of synthetic materials and plastics. Over the years the company has expanded until it reaches a space of over 10,000 square meters of yard and warehouse, and is engaged in the manufacture of textile waste in full compliance with all safety rules that constrain the work of those are involved to recover non-dangerous wastes.

Thanks to the presence on the territory of many hosiery and textile industries, the activity of Pistoni Srl has been consolidated over the years, and the company works with the Italian textile market but also the foreign market.

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