Recovery of cotton textile waste

Recovery of cotton textile waste

The recovery of cotton textile waste from textile companies is one of the main activities carried out by Pistoni Srl, a company set near Mantua, in the North of Italy, with thirty years of experience in rehabilitation and upgrading of the industrial textile waste.

The result of the processing of materials made by Pistoni Srl is a secondary raw material of excellent workmanship, packed with a hydraulic press and stored in the warehouse, ready for sale.

Secondary Raw Material (MPS) from cotton textile waste

Thanks to a highly specialized staff, Pistoni Srl is able to recover from its own resources cotton textiles waste from textile companies such as hosiery, weaving, spinning or textile laboratories. The first step that is performed after the recovery of textile waste is the division into types: if the textile waste are made from natural fiber or synthetic fiber different operations and processes are carried out. For natural textile wastes, such as cotton, the raw material collection is packed with hydraulic press to obtain a secondary raw material of excellent quality. Then the secondary raw material obtained from cotton textile wastes is stored in the warehouse to be ready for sale.

How is a cotton fiber made by? The cotton fabric is derived from the weaving of cotton yarn made from the typical fluff that covers the seeds of a special plant, the Gossypium. Cotton fabrics are part of both those specifically trained in the frame, but also knit fabrics and jersey. A feature of the cotton is to have a fiber with inelastic behavior, whose mechanical strength is closely influenced by the presence of water (wet fibers are in fact stronger than dried ones).

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