Recovery of wool textile waste

Recovery of wool textile waste

The activity of recovery of wool textile waste from textile companies is one of the main processes carried out by Pistoni Srl, an Italian company with 30 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation and upgrading of the industrial textile waste.

Secondary Raw Material (MPS) from wool textile waste

Pistoni S.r.l. pick up personally, with its own transport, wool textile waste obtained from the processing of textile materials from companies such as hosiery, textile workshops and textile companies in general. The first phase of work, which is fundamental for a correct diversification of production processes, is the subdivision of the raw material according to its type. After being split, the selected wool textile waste are packaged with the hydraulic press, becoming a secondary raw material (MPS). The secondary raw material obtained is then stored in the warehouse to be ready for sale. The quality of secondary raw material obtained, starting from the recovery of wool textile waste at the hosiery or textile companies, is insured and guaranteed by the processes applied, in full compliance with current regulations and the protection of recovered product.

How is a wool fiber made by? A wool textile is composed by a textile fiber which is obtained from the fleece of sheep. The fiber is obtained starting from an operation of shearing the hair of the animal, which usually occurs in spring. This wool is called "virgin wool". After the slaughter of the animal instead, you get wool called "tanning wool." The wool obtained for reuse of production waste is instead referred to as "recycled wool", and is the kind of knitted wool produced by Pistoni Srl.

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