Recycling synthetic textile fibers

Recycling synthetic textile fibers

The recycling of synthetic textile fibers used by textile companies, laboratories and hosiery is one of the main activity of the company Pistoni Srl, a company with 30 years of experience in the field of recycling of textile material, which is based in Mantua, in the heart of one of the most known and appreciated textile districts of Italy.

Secondary Raw Material (MPS) from synthetic textile fibers

The recycling activities of synthetic fibers can be accomplished against those textile wastes which have a composition and an internal structure for the most part made from fibers of synthetic origin and / or artificial. Some examples? The nylon/polyamide, polyester, elastomer or acrylic used by textile, hosiery manufacturers and laboratories to produce consumer goods such as socks, knitwear and clothing in general.

The recycling of the synthetic fiber nylon polyamide, for example, takes place first dividend this material from other waste. After split, the fallout nylon fiber is packaged using a hydraulic press. Finally, the bale of nylon fiber is then stored to be ready for sale as excellent Secondary Raw Material (MPS). The same type of procedure can be performed for the other above-mentioned synthetic fibers (polyester, acrylic, etc..).

What is meant by "synthetic fiber"? The synthetic fibers, also called "tecnofibre", are so called because they are man-made. The tecnofibre are divided into "artificial fibers", whether produced from organic polymers of natural origin (for example cellulose) and "synthetic fibers" if produced by synthetic polymers. Due to the recycling process, the waste from synthetic fibers which are contained in a lot of clothing, socks and shoes, can be recycled to be used for a new production process.

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