Recycling natural textile fibers

Recycling natural textile fibers

The upgrading and recycling of natural textile fibers from textile companies, laboratories and hosiery is the main activity of the company Pistoni Srl, a company with long experience in the field of recycling of textile material, which is based in the heart one of the most famous textile districts of northern Italy and works with Italian and foreign companies.

Secondary Raw Material (MPS) from natural textile fibers

The recycling of natural textile fibers can be made with those textile wastes which have a composition and an internal structure for the most part made from fibers of natural origin. Some examples are cotton, rayon or wool, typical natural fibers used by the textile companies or laboratories to produce consumer goods such as socks, knitwear and clothing in general.

The recycling of the natural fiber of cotton, for example, occurs first dividing this material from other waste. After the division, the cotton fiber selected is packed with the use of a hydraulic press. Finally, the bale of cotton fiber is then stored to be ready for sale as excellent Secondary Raw Material (MPS). The same type of procedure can be performed for the wool natural fiber or viscose natural textile fiber.

What is a "natural fiber"? Natural textile fibers are fibrous products of natural origin which, thanks to their structure, strength and elasticity, have the property to join, through spinning, in small but tenacious thin wires that are used in the textile industry for the manufacture of yarns, which, by the working of weaving, are transformed into tissues.

Due to the recycling process, waste of natural fibers of clothing, socks and shoes can be recycled and can be used for a new production process.

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