Features Plastic Granules Processing

Features Plastic Granules Processing

What are plastic granules?

Plastic granules are the raw materials used to create new plastic products. They are made of recycled plastic or virgin plastic, which is melted and extruded into granules.

Plastic granules can be further recycled to create other plastic products. Plastics are recycled in two main ways: by using them in the manufacture of new products or by reprocessing them into other forms of usable material. Recycling allows waste plastics to be reused, reducing the need for new raw materials and reducing landfill pollution.

Plastic granules are a vital material used in plastic processing and recycling. The physical properties of these granules determine their suitability for various applications. This article will discuss the main characteristics of plastic granules, including their physical properties, recyclability, and other relevant factors.

Pistoni srl: recycling plastics

Pistoni srl is a leading Italian company offering waste collection and recycling services for plastics. The company has developed a unique process that enables them to recover and recycle materials from industrial sources.

They provide their services to the public sector, including local governments, schools and universities, and private companies. They are committed to reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste by collecting it from sources such as landfills, rivers and oceans.

Pistoni srl is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future through its innovative approach to plastics recycling. Their goal is to ensure that all plastics are reused or recycled responsibly and sustainably for generations to come.

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