Cotton waste

Cotton waste

Pistoni is a Castel Goffredo company that deals with the collection of waste arising from the industrial processing of textile and plastic materials. The company is interested in non-hazardous waste such as cotton waste, wool waste or viscose waste and scraps of synthetic fibers such as nylon/polyamide, polyester, elastomer/nylon and acrylic. In addition to the waste collection service it deals with processing until transformation into Materia Prima Secondaria, stored in the form of bales after being pressed or shredded.


What is and what does cotton waste come from? 

Cotton is the most widely used natural fiber in the world that is obtained from the processing of the pelvis covering the seeds of Gossypium, a particular plant that grows in Indian territory and in the African and American tropical regions. Different types of fabric are obtained with the cotton yarn weaving, combined with yarns of other fibres, but this production process creates waste: so-called cotton textile waste. This is the term which indicates the textile waste of processing that can be of different sizes, such as fibres, threads or fabric pieces. The format of cotton waste depends on the stage of the transformation process and from the company that is considered, for example, spinning industry, weaving or textile lab.


How to reuse cotton waste? 

The collection of textile waste, especially those materials used in numerous production processes, such as cotton, make it possible to avoid filling landfills and to offer a sustainable alternative to the production of garments and other articles with virgin cotton. Pistoni deals specifically with the sale of MPS bales, obtained after the processing of cotton waste reusable in different ways, for example in the fashion industry to produce new cotton garments or in the textile industry to make fabrics with Materia Prima Secondaria.


More information about cotton waste? 

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