Yarn industry waste

Yarn industry waste

Despite the fact that the textile industry is constantly evolving, textile waste are produced during the production of clothing and other textile products that are not always reused. The Italian company Pistoni is responsible for collecting and recycling the yarn industry waste and the waste produce by all the activities of the textile industry that want to optimize disposal costs and reuse residues in an environmentally sustainable optician.


Yarn industry waste collecting in Italy and abroad 

The Pistoni company is located in the stocking district of Castel Goffredo, in the Upper Mantua area, where several hosiery items, especially socks and tights, are made. The textile waste recycling business, initially concentrated on the surrounding area, is expanding both nationally and internationally and Pistoni deals with the collection of different types of textile fibres, both natural and synthetic, to meet the needs of customers who work special yarns. The waste from the national and international yarn industry is recycled and sold for processing into new MPS (Materia Prima Secondaria) fabrics.


Waste of which yarn industry? 

Specialized in the collection of textile waste and with thirty years of experience in the recycling industry, Pistoni collects and works waste from various yarn industries, for example, from:

  • Hosiery
  • Spinning workshops
  • Weaving factories


The collected material is selected and, depending on the type of fibre, packed with presses. In this way, the stored bales can be resold to the yarn industry, which, by reusing the residuals of previous machining, can create new yarns with recycled fibres.


More information about yarn industry waste? 

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