Plastics Recycling Process

Plastics Recycling Process

Waste Management: A Global Challenge

Plastics represent a major global waste management challenge, as most plastics are non-biodegradable and require proper treatment to be disposed of safely. Recycling plastics has therefore become a key process for reducing the environmental impact of waste and creating a circular economy.

Pistoni Srl, an Italian company specialising in waste management, is committed to the recycling of plastics, helping to create a sustainable waste management system and preserve natural resources.

The Recycling Process: Pistoni Srl

The plastic recycling process carried out by Pistoni Srl is based on a series of steps that ensure maximum efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

First of all, the company collects plastic waste from customer companies, ensuring proper classification and separation of materials. This step is crucial to guarantee the quality of the source material and to avoid contamination of other types of waste.

Next, waste plastics undergo a sorting and separation process, in which the various types of plastics, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, PET, PVC, and so on, are separated. This sorting step is important to ensure that the source material is homogenous and suitable for the subsequent recycling process.

Once the material has been sorted and separated, it is ground into particles of a specific size. This grinding step is necessary to reduce the size of the material and make it easier to handle in subsequent recycling processes.

The ground material is then subjected to a washing process to remove any contaminants or residues. This step is crucial to ensure that the recycled material is of high quality and ready to be used in new products.

Finally, the recycled material is sold to production companies, which can use to create new products. This plastic recycling process reduces the environmental impact of waste, creates a circular economy, and conserves natural resources.

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Pistoni Srl's work in plastics recycling represents an important contribution to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. Its ability to manage and recycle waste plastics efficiently and sustainably demonstrates how it is possible to combine environmental care with technological innovation and the circular economy.

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