Collection of synthetic fibres

Collection of synthetic fibres

Do you run a textile processing company, and do you need to dispose of synthetic fibre production waste? Pistoni Srl offers the right service for your needs. The company is based in the province of Mantua and has specialized for over 30 years in the collection of synthetic fibres from laboratories, workshops, hosiery and other companies. In addition to the collection, the company also deals with waste treatment and recycling. The scraps are in fact collected and carefully selected, so as to always guarantee the highest quality and the best functionality of the secondary raw material.


How does the collection service work?

The collection and subsequent recycling of synthetic fibres can be performed on those textile scraps that have an internal structure composed mostly of synthetic and / or artificial fibres. They are materials that are regularly used in textile companies, in hosiery and in laboratories. Pistoni Srl collects textile fibres with its own means in all those companies that produce waste of this type.


After collecting the material, a precise selection and division takes place, based on the type of waste collected. Once divided, the waste is compressed by means of a hydraulic press, then packed and stored. Now the fibre is ready to be sold as a secondary raw material (MPS) of excellent quality.


What synthetic fibres does the company deals with?

Pistoni Srl deals with the collection and treatment of many different types of synthetic fibres. These particular textile fibres, also called Tecnofiber, are produced by man and are divided into "artificial fibres" and "synthetic fibres". The former are produced from organic polymers of natural origin (such as, for example, cellulose), while the latter are produced in the laboratory from synthetic polymers. Among the many materials collected by the company, we find:

More information about this service?

If you need further clarification on the synthetic fibre collection service, do not hesitate to contact us using the form in the contact section. We will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns.