Recovery of plastic materials

Recovery of plastic materials

If you run a textile company or a hosiery and produce processing waste derived from plastic materials, Pistoni Srl has the right service for you: the company, for over 30 years, has been involved in the recovery of plastic materials, which are then selected and treated to be sold as high quality secondary materials. Thanks to the experience gained over many years of field work, the company has succeeded not only in establishing itself in the Mantuan territory - famous throughout Italy for its textile business - but also in establishing lasting partnerships abroad.


What plastic materials does Pistoni Srl recover?

The recovery of plastic materials is an important operation to free companies from production residues that can be both cumbersome and of little use. It is also the first step in the process needed to proceed with the recycling and reuse phase. In this way it is possible to establish a virtuous and eco-sustainable economic circle. To fully satisfy the needs of different customers, the expert Pistoni Srl team proceeds with the collection and recovery of a wide range of plastic materials. Among the many and most widespread, we find:

Why use the collection service?

Pistoni Srl offers a professional and specialized collection service for plastics, which takes place directly at the company's headquarters, in order to guarantee maximum comfort and the best result in complete safety. The company proceeds with the withdrawal by its own means. Thanks to a team of specialized operators and experts, who perfectly know the reference sectors, we are able to proceed to a safe withdrawal and a careful selection of the material, ensuring many advantages:

  • The convenience of collection directly at the customer's site;
  • Short waiting times;
  • Compliance with safety regulations and current legislation;
  • The possibility of recovering even large volumes of material.


More information on the recovery service

Do you need more information on the withdrawal of plastics by Pistoni Srl? Send us your questions and requests through the form in the contact section. A member of our team will be happy to respond as soon as possible.