Recovery of packaging waste

Recovery of packaging waste

Pistoni Srl is a dynamic and booming company, which has been able to extend its business through partnerships with international clients. One of its main activities is the recovery of packaging waste, produced by companies operating in different sectors.


What materials can be recovered?

Those involved in the manufacture of products suitable for packaging often work with different materials. In order to meet the needs of the greatest number of operators in this field, Pistoni Srl is able to offer a service for the recovery of waste from packaging made of different types of plastic materials. Among the main polymers treated by the company are the following:


What advantages does the company offer?

The main objective of the company is to understand the problems of those who work in this field, thus to offer them a performing service for the recovery of packaging waste. In fact, over time, Pistoni Srl has allowed its employees to develop specific skills for the recycling sector and has constantly expanded its fleet of vehicles for collection, so as to ensure the following advantages:


  • Minimum waiting for the withdrawal of waste
  • Recovery of waste on site
  • Compliance with safety regulations
  • Possibility to dispose of large quantities of material


How to get more information?

If you want to contact the company to get more information on the recovery of waste from packaging, go to the contact section and fill out the form you will find inside. In a fast and complete way, the Pistoni staff will answer any type of question.