Industrial waste recovery

Industrial waste recovery

Pistoni S.r.l. is a company in the province of Mantua that has been dealing for over 30 years with the recovery and recycling of industrial waste resulting from the processing of textile companies, hosiery factories and laboratories, which produce plastic waste. Thanks to the company's processes and technologies, as well as to an experienced staff, even the industrial waste produced by the various companies and laboratories can be collected and reused to produce excellent, high quality Secondary Raw Material (MPS). This solution is now increasingly requested and necessary, because it contributes to making the life cycle of fabrics more sustainable and circular.


What plastic waste can be recovered?

The recovery of industrial waste is an important operation because it is useful for freeing companies, but not limited to textiles, from production residues that can be both bulky and not very useful - as well as having a great environmental impact, if not properly recycled. This is the first step of the process necessary to then proceed to the recycling phase, so as to establish a virtuous and eco-sustainable economic circle. The expert team of Pistoni Srl proceeds with the withdrawal and recovery of a wide range of industrial plastic materials. Among the many, we find:



Why choose Pistoni

The company offers a professional and specialized plastic material collection service. This takes place directly at the company headquarters, so as to ensure maximum comfort and the best possible result. Pistoni collects with its own means and, thanks to its team of specialized operators, is able to carry out a safe recovery and careful selection of the material, ensuring benefits such as:

  • The convenience of collection directly at the company headquarters;
  • The shortness of waiting times;
  • Compliance with safety regulations and current legislation;
  • The possibility of recovering even large volumes of material.


Learn more about the recovery service

For more details on the recovery of industrial waste you can contact us by filling out the form in the contact section. Our technicians are available to clarify any doubts and respond to your requests.