Acrylic waste recycling

Acrylic waste recycling

The Pistoni company of Castel Goffredo has been involved in the collection of textile and plastic waste for more than thirty years. The importance of recycling has prompted the company to collect waste from industrial processing and engage in acrylic waste recycling. Pistoni selects waste, packs them and offers them for sale to companies that create new products thanks to acrylic waste recycling.


Features of acrylic waste

Acrylic is a synthetic fibre produced for textile use starting from a monomer of polymer chain, acrylonitrile. It is produced almost exclusively in the shape of a bow. As a textile fibre, acrylic is used by textile industries for the production of various garments. During processing, acrylic waste to be recycled is produced. The waste can be collected and pressed into MPS bales. Pistons carries out fibre withdrawing operations and sell MPS to industries that through acrylic waste recycling produce new items.


Who can turn to Pistoni for acrylic waste recycling?

The subjects involved in the acrylic waste recycling activity of Pistoni can be:


  • Companies that produce acrylic wastes
  • Companies looking for MPS for recycling acrylic waste


Both types of companies that produce and recycle acrylic waste can turn to Pistons. In the first case, they can request the collection service, carried out with own means at the customer's company, in the second case they can purchase the bales of MPS packaged and sold by Pistoni.


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