Nylon waste recycling

Nylon waste recycling

In the International Socks Centre in Castel Goffredo, there are numerous companies producing waste from processing various materials, especially nylon, used to produce tights and socks. To enhance the industrial waste of the stockings in the area, Pistoni performs a nylon waste recycling service. After the withdrawal of the material, the company deals with the nylon waste recycling by carrying out various activities, from the cleaning of the fibres to the treatment through special packaging procedures.


Nylon waste recycling activities

Nowadays, many more individuals have been sensitized to the importance of recycling. Nylon, besides being non-biodegradable, is a very durable material, and together with other plastics is considered one of the most important sources of pollution on the planet. To contrast this phenomenon, Pistoni specializes in nylon waste withdrawal and resells the MPS bales to the interested companies. Thanks to the characteristics of the Materia Prima Secondaria obtained, we can recycle nylon wastes in several ways:


  • Nylon recycling to make objects.
  • Nylon waste recycling in the textile production of garments such as jackets, socks and swimsuits.


Recycling starts with the recovery of nylon waste. Waste are then selected, cleaned and packed. Pistoni stores these MPS bales in the dedicated spaces, located at Castel Goffredo's headquarters, and resells it to interested companies.


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