Treating of plastic materials

Treating of plastic materials

Pistoni Srl, a company of Castel Goffredo in the province of Mantua, has specialized for over 30 years in the recycling and treating of plastic materials derived as industrial waste from textile companies, laboratories and hosiery factories. The province of Mantua is among the most famous and renowned in Italy and abroad for textile activity; for this reason, the company has achieved over time a very high degree of experience and know-how that has allowed it to establish partnerships abroad as well as in Itly. Pistoni Srl therefore deals with the recovery, processing and recycling of plastic materials.


Why recycle plastic wastes?

Plastic materials are often used in the textile industry and in hosiery, which however also produce numerous industrial wastes. Plastic is a very useful and versatile material, but also very polluting, and it cannot be dispersed in the environment. Dispose of these wastes incorrectly, therefore, can be wasteful and even not ecological.


Pistoni Srl takes care of recycling these materials, because through the recycling process it is possible to work the waste and transform it into secondary materials that are again available for use for many different industries. In this way the plastic becomes part of an eco-sustainable process. The service proposed by Pistoni Srl is truly complete and begins with the collection of the material from the client company; this is then divided and selected by type. It is then ground and transformed into the "secondary raw material", ready to be reused.


Which plastics can be recycled?

Pistoni Srl puts at the service of companies a professional and complete service, absolutely safe in terms of eco-sustainability and protection of workers and processes. The company turns to all those companies that produce plastic waste. All the most important plastic materials are recycled, such as:

Do you need more information?

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