Recycling of plastic materials

Recycling of plastic materials

Pistoni Srl is a company located in the province of Mantua, in Castel Goffredo, which with thirty years of experience, operates in the recycling sector and has specialized in the recovery, transformation and recycling of plastic materials.


The recycling process of plastic materials

Plastic materials are considered polluting products for the planet, but without being aware that through the recycling process, plastic can be processed, transformed and re-used for other products. In this way plastic becomes a 100% eco-sustainable product. The work of Pistoni Srl begins with the withdrawal, at the company, of the discarded plastic material. The plastic is cleaned and divided by type and in the final phase of the process, the material is ground. The product obtained is a recycled plastic product which is called "secondary raw material" (MPS).


Who is Pistoni aimed at?

The services of Pistoni Srl are aimed at all companies that produce plastic materials collect and market waste or who need to dispose of materials deriving from production processes. Pistoni Srl is specialized in recycling from companies that work the main plastic materials, such as:

  • polypropylene, a plastic compound that is used for different types of products
  • polystyrene, a thermoplastic polymer that is melted and then remodeled
  • polyethylene is a widely used thermoplastic resin
  • polycarbonate is a polymer obtained from carbonic acid
  • low density polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer, obtained from petroleum.


More information?

For more information on the recycling of plastic materials, contact the Pistoni Srl team who will reply in a short time to any request, to the number +39 0376770606 or fill out the form in the contact section of the site