Stocking factories waste collection

Stocking factories waste collection

Located in the Castel Goffredo International Socks Centre, the Pistoni company specializes in a stocking factories waste collection service. For thirty years, the aim that keep alive the business activity is to transform textile waste into material to be used for the production of Materia Prima Secondaria. The stocking factories waste collection activity and the waste collection activity of other factories is just the first phase of an important recycling process that allows to exploit what other companies consider it a waste to be disposed of.


Collection from stocking factories of what kind of waste? 

For the production of stockings, socks and tights, in stocking factories are mainly used materials such as cotton, wool or nylon. Pistoni can collect directly to the production plant the waste created during the production phase. In fact, the company deals with the collection of different materials stocking factories waste including:

  • Waste of natural fibres such as cotton, wool and viscose
  • Waste of synthetic fibres, such as nylon, polyester or acrylic.

These wastes are then withdrawn, subsequently selected and cleaned and finally stored in warehouses in the form of bales, ready to be sold.


Which stocking factories can turn to Pistoni for the waste collection? 

Pistoni organizes waste collection for stocking factories of any size. Indeed, the company is equipped with different types of means and, after having individually analyzed the collection conditions, agrees on terms and timings with the customer requesting the service. Over time, the experience gained enabled the company to specialize in both small-stocking collection and large-scale stocking industries, just to meet the demands of the people in the surrounding area.


More information about stocking factories waste collection? 

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