Acrylic waste withdrawal

Acrylic waste withdrawal

Don’t you know what to do with waste from clothing production or spinning of acrylic fabrics? Please contact Pistoni, an Italian company specializing in the acrylic waste withdrawal and disposal of other synthetic fibres. The headquarters of Pistoni is located at a strategic point, the International Socks Centre of Castel Goffredo, but the company carries out its activity of acrylic waste withdrawal throughout the national territory.


Acrylic waste withdrawal and disposal

The presence of waste resulting from processing is inevitable in the textile industries. It is important to deal with the collection of these non-hazardous waste to avoid their dispersion and, in a sustainable way, to promote their reuse. Pistoni deals with the acrylic waste withdrawal and disposal by providing a waste collection service with its own means directly at the company that requested it. In this way, the customer does not have to worry about the disposal and relying on Pistoni has the guarantee of obtaining a professional result.


Acrylic waste and other synthetic fibres withdrawal

To address customers with a complete waste collection service, the company deals with acrylic waste and other types of synthetic fibres withdrawal, such as nylon/polyamide, polyester and elastomer. These fibres are widely used by textile industries for the production of garments and socks. Thanks to the strategic position of its headquarter, located in the heart of the textile district number 6, Pistoni can contact the companies in the area by withdrawing waste at a very competitive price.


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