Nylon waste withdrawal

Nylon waste withdrawal

The Pistoni company, located in Castel Goffredo, has been working for about thirty years in textile industry.  The company collects waste from the industrial processing of fabrics and yarns. In addition to picking up the best known natural fibre waste, the company deals with nylon waste withdrawal and other synthetic fibres. Nylon, polyester, elastomer or acrylic waste are picked up with own means directly at the customer's company. After nylon waste withdrawal, a careful selection and the cleaning process, are stored in the warehouse in the form of bales of Materia Prima Secondaria.


Special features of nylon waste

Nylon is a synthetic fibre obtained by chemical synthesis from some particular substances. It is characterized by a filament with great wear resistance, lightweight, stable in size and elastic. Nylon is used in the form of fabric in textile processing, often matched with other fibres, and in wires in hosiery that produce tights. Just during industrial manufacturing processes, companies produce nylon textile waste. With the recyclable nylon waste withdrawal service, Pistoni collects processing waste, selects and transforms them into quality MPS that maintains as much as possible the characteristics of the raw material.


How are treated nylon waste withdrawn?

Nylon waste are made up of synthetic textile fibres, which, unlike natural ones, are made by man from synthetic polymers. The peculiarity of these fibres consists in their composition, which is programmed according to the final use of the fibre, and for this there are many types of synthetic fibres. Before withdrawing waste, Pistoni makes a selection and evaluation of the fibres, then collects, cleans and packs them. Following the nylon waste withdrawn and hydraulic press packing, Pistoni puts in storage the MPS bales and then proposes them for sale.


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