Polyamide waste withdrawal

Polyamide waste withdrawal

The company Pistoni of Castel Goffredo (Mn) is specialized in polyamide waste withdrawal. For more than thirty years it has been working in the Mantuan territory, addressing the textile and stocking industries of the textile district area known as the International Socks Centre, but it is able to offer a polyamide waste withdrawal service throughout the country as well. To expand its customer base and face the foreign market, it has also entered into trade agreements with international companies.


Importance of polyamide waste withdrawal

Polyamide is a synthetic textile fibre used in the production of clothing, socks and other items. During processing, residues waste that are defined as non-hazardous special waste. Pistoni deals with the polyamide waste withdrawal to prevent the dispersion of these fibres into the environment, which may be pollutant as non-biodegradable. Pistoni withdraw waste respecting the regulations on the recovery of non-hazardous material.


Why rely on Pistoni for polyamide waste withdrawal?

Choosing Pistoni means relying on a company specializing in polyamide waste withdrawal. Thanks to the acquired thirty years of experience, Pistoni’s technicians carry out professional withdrawal services and promote waste recycling. The company operates in the context of environmental sustainability and waste reduction, withdrawing textile wastes and re-launching on the market an excellent Materia Prima Secondaria, to be reused for new machining.


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