Polyester waste withdrawal

Polyester waste withdrawal

Located in Castel Goffredo (Mn), in the heart of one of the most well-known textile districts in Italy, Pistoni S.r.l. deals with the polyester waste withdrawal. Waste collection activity has been developed to allow textile industries, that manufacture yarns and create a large amount of waste from production, to reduce the disposal costs of these waste. With the polyester waste withdrawal service, the company collects, selects and transforms waste into Materia Prima Secondaria which is again used to produce clothing and other items.


How does Pistoni withdraw polyester waste?

To offer a full service, the company Pistoni deals with polyester waste withdrawal with its own means directly at the customer. Specialists go to the customer's location, evaluate the amount of waste to collect and quickly withdraw the waste and transport them to the warehouses for subsequent processing steps into MPS.


What does Pistoni do with polyester waste withdrawn?

 After being withdrawn, cleaned and selected, the processed waste is pressed with a hydraulic press and stored in the warehouses at Castel Goffredo. As a result of these operations, the company proposes MPS polyester waste bales for sale. With the Materia Prima Secondaria, destined for example in the spinning or molding market, new objects and articles of various kinds can be created.


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