Withdrawal of polyethylene waste

Withdrawal of polyethylene waste

Based in Castel Goffredo, a municipality in the province of Mantua, Pistoni Srl is a company specialized in the withdrawal of polyethylene waste. Recently, thanks to a high degree of dynamism, its business has developed beyond national borders.


What types of polyethylene are withdrawn?

This plastic material, derived from petroleum, is used in various forms by an increasing number of enterprises, which exploit its flexibility. Precisely for this reason, Pistoni Srl has diversified its services and, currently, can offer the withdrawal of different types of waste in polyethylene. Specifically, the company deals with withdrawing of:


Why rely on the company withdrawal service?

The great experience in the reference sector, as well as the large fleet of trucks, allows Pistoni Srl to offer a high-quality withdrawal of waste polyethylene service. The company has achieved this result thanks to a continuous process of improving of the skills owned by the staff, which is made up of highly specialized professionals who work hard day by day to offer numerous benefits to clients, such as those deriving from from the following aspects:


  • Withdrawal on site
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Recovery of large quantities
  • Compliance with safety regulations


How to get more information?

If you need to obtain further information on withdrawal of polyethylene waste service, access the contact section and fill in the form you will find inside. In a short time, you will receive all the details you were looking for.