Storage of textile waste

Storage of textile waste

Are you a company that produces important quantities of textile materials and you do not know how to give value to your waste? Trust in Pistoni Srl, a company that has been working in the recovery of textile materials for over thirty years and thanks to its experience has specialized in the recovery, transformation and storage of textile waste. Pistoni Srl's experience stems from the strategic position in which, in Castel Goffredo, in the province of Mantua, the country is defined as the "international center of the sock".


Which textile waste?

The work of Pistoni Srl begins with the withdrawal of textile material and then be divided, selected and prepared for packaging with hydraulic press. At the end of this process, the bales are stored ready for sale, the result is called "secondary raw material". Pistoni Srl is specialized in the recycling of:

  • natural textile fibers, such as wool, cotton or viscose, all the fibers that exist in nature and that are used and processed to obtain these different types of fabric
  • synthetic textile fibers, such as nylon, polyamide or polyester, all the fibers that are artificially produced, from natural organic polymers or synthetic polymers
  • stock of yarns on bobbins.


Who is the service for the storage of textile waste?

The Pistoni Srl textile waste storage service is aimed at all companies that produce textile materials or companies that need to dispose of materials deriving from production processes, such as:

  • knitting mills
  • textile laboratories
  • hosiery.


More information?

If you would like more information on the storage of textile waste, contact Pistoni Srl at number +39 0376770606 or fill out the form in the contact section of the site, you will be answered by a trained staff.