Recovery of viscose textile waste

Recovery of viscose textile waste

Through the operation of recovery of viscose textile waste at textile companies, laboratories and hosiery, the company Pistoni Srl is able to produce secondary raw materials (MPS) of high quality, usable by other companies to make finished products of various types.

Secondary Raw Material (MPS) from viscose textile waste

The recovery of viscose textile waste is made by a competent staff, with over thirty years of experience in the field of recycling and valorization of industrial textile waste. Recovery takes place with its own transport, in total autonomy, and in full respect of the fees of the safety standard for the recovery of non-dangerous waste.

The recovery of viscose textile waste is especially set in hosiery and textile companies of the Italian textile district, among the most popular and famous all over the world. The recovered material, divided initially by other tissue, is then packed with a hydraulic press and stored in the warehouse ready for sale.

What is viscose? Viscose is an artificial textile fiber invented at the end of 1800 by a French chemist to respond to market demand to have a fabric similar to silk but cheaper. Produced from wood pulp of trees, treated with a caustic soda solution, translates into filaments that make up the final fiber, mainly used to produce fabrics.

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