Withdrawal plastics textile workshops

Withdrawal plastics textile workshops

In the heart of one of the most respected and renowned textile districts of Italy, Pistoni Srl deals with the withdrawal of plastics by textile workshops. In a such important production, like textile one, it is essential that someone take care to collect waste materials from the laboratories of the area to recycle these wastes, transforming them into secondary raw material (MPS).

Secondary Raw Material (MPS) from plastics textile waste

Consider, for example, the plastic waste: the activity of withdrawal of plastics in the textile workshops starts recovering them by a highly competent and skilled dealing by its own transport, to collect all the waste plastic available in respectful of the safety provided by the regulations on the recovery of non-dangerous material.

After making the withdrawal of plastics in the textile workshops, Pistoni Srl takes care of dividing the plastic material according to the type. The process then proceeds to discard the cleaning apparatus, the storage of plastics in box called "Big Bag", and then continue with the actual grinding of the material with a granulator, after having carefully checked with a metal detector to ensure the complete absence of metal parts. The product obtained from plastics collected from textile workshops is now ready for sale in the form of Secondary Raw Material (MPS).

Some examples of plastics collected from the textile workshops: packaging polystyrene (PS), cones or flakes of polypropylene (PP) bags, envelopes or packaging in polyethylene (PE) and ABS. Pistoni S.r.l. is an Italian company that is responsible for more than 30 years of reviving the nature of textile and plastic waste from textile laboratories and hosiery: the excellent secondary raw material that is made by these waste can be used to industrial production of various kinds for consumption.

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