Waste from weaving

Waste from weaving

With the aim of recycling textile waste, Pistoni collects waste from weaving from the yarn and fabric industry. The thirty-year experience in the recycling industry has enabled the company to specialize more and more, in terms of business sustainability, in the waste collection and processing into quality Materia Prima Secondaria.


What waste from weaving does Pistoni deal with? 

Not all textile waste can be reused for the creation of MPS. For this reason, Pistoni evaluates whether the various types of waste from weaving that a company generated can be collected and processed. The company specializes in:

  • Waste from natural fibres weaving
  • Waste from synthetic fibres weaving


Waste from natural or synthetic fibres weaving is stored in Pistoni's warehouses and is immediately available for sale in the form of bales.


How to reuse the waste from weaving? 

Thanks to the Materia Prima Secondaria, which allows you to reuse waste from weaving, you can create new second-rate fabrics. The use of materials made with textile waste is evolving especially in the perspective of environmental sustainability that has become, in recent years, important for many companies. Waste disposal involves high costs and, especially for the aforementioned reasons, recycling companies may be required to collect it, so that the waste does not become unusable waste, but is transformed into new objects.


Are you looking for information about textile waste? 

For more information about textile waste you can contact us by filling out the form in the contact section. Our technicians are at your disposal to clarify any doubt and respond to your requests.