Wool waste

Wool waste

Don’t you know what the waste is and what to do with it? Don’t worry about that, the company Pistoni is at your disposal to clarify your doubts or replace you with recycling activity, just because it deals with the collection and treatment of textile waste, including wool waste coming from the yarn and textile industries. In particular, Pistoni turns to companies such as stocking factories, textiles, spinning or textile labs, both in national territory and abroad, in a professional and personal way.


What is wool waste? 

Waste is any scrap of material resulting from industrial processing, which can be reused in the form of Materia Prima Secondaria, for the manufacture of secondary products. Specifically, Pistoni deals with textile waste that is waste resulting from fibre or textile processing of various types including wool. Wool textile waste is the set of wastes resulting from the production of yarn or woolen fabrics and which are collected and processed to be reused in subsequent productions. From the wool waste, it’s get the so-called regenerated wool.


What can be done with wool waste? 

With the recovery, treatment and processing of wool waste, it is possible to obtain regenerated wool, a textile fibre with characteristics similar to that of virgin wool, which after being washed, cleaned and defrosted, has an ivory or white tint. Choosing to use wool waste for secondary products is a recycling activity with a dual purpose: it does not take advantage of the fleece of sheep or other animals and is a sustainable way to reuse non-hazardous waste. There are several secondary products made with regenerated wool:

  • In the textile industry, for example, new yarns and woolen fabrics are produced, sometimes even more rough.
  • In the furnishing industry, are used coarse fibres for furniture or carpeting.


Do you want to receive more information about wool waste? 

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