Nylon waste

Nylon waste

The Pistoni company of Castel Goffredo has been working for more than thirty years to exploit the waste from the industrial processing of socks, textile fabrics and textiles. In addition to the best known natural fibres, the company collect and manufactures synthetic fibres. The nylon waste, polyester, elastomer or acrylic waste, as well as the waste of natural fibres, is directly picked up at the customer company by own means and, after careful selection and processing, is stored in the warehouse in the form of bales of Materia Prima Secondaria.


Special features of nylon waste 

Nylon is a synthetic fiber discovered in the first half of the 1900s, obtained by chemical synthesis from specific substances that give the filament greater wear resistance, light weight, stability in size and elasticity. Currently nylon threads are used singly or combined with other fibers during textile manufacturing for the production of different types of clothing, from t-shirts to socks, and it is precisely during the industrial manufacturing processes that many companies make waste textiles. The reusable nylon waste for the production of new items is the set of machined wastes that, selected and processed, can be transformed into quality MPS that retains the peculiarities of the material.


How can nylon waste be reused? 

Nylon is one of the most resistant materials and not subject to the biodegradation process and is therefore an important source of pollution of the oceans and the planet. To counter this phenomenon, Pistoni specializes in the collection of textile waste, the first phase to recycle nylon waste, and manages a material sales service to relevant companies. These can use nylon waste in several ways:

  • Recycle nylon to make objects of any kind. Already many companies, looking for environmental sustainability, are creating nylon waste products.
  • Re-use of nylon waste in textile production, both in articles, such as sunglasses, and clothing items such as jackets and socks.

The recycling phases start with the collection of nylon waste that is then selected, cleaned and packed. The material thus obtained, available at Pistoni's warehouses, is transformed from specialized companies in regenerated nylon yarn that is re-marketed for the production of recycled items.


More information about nylon waste? 

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