Collection of plastic materials

Collection of plastic materials

Pistoni Srl, a company based in Castel Goffredo in the province of Mantua, specializes in the collection and recycling of plastic materials. Thanks to more than thirty years of experience and an experienced and up-to-date team, Pistoni is able to carefully select, treat and process plastic production scraps, creating high quality secondary materials that are perfect for numerous other processes.


Collection of plastic materials

Textile laboratories, hosieries and many other companies produce different processing waste and, among these, also plastic materials of different nature. If they are not properly collected and reused, these materials should be disposed of, posing a risk to the environment and a considerable cost to the company that produces them. Thanks to its competent and highly specialized staff, on the other hand, Pistoni Srl takes care of the collection of plastic materials at the textile laboratories in the area, in compliance with all environmental and worker safety standards.


After the collection it is possible to proceed with the selection of materials, depending on the type.


What types of plastic materials are collected?

Pistoni Srl is responsible for collecting and selecting a wide range of plastic materials that are considered as waste from textile processing. Once the materials have been selected, they are cleaned and then stored in specific boxes. Then the grinding takes place - the granulate produced also passes through a metal detector to prevent the presence of metal elements. Now it is ready to be sold as a secondary material. But which plastic materials are collected? For example:

Further information on the collection activity

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